Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Training For My Giblink Members

Here is an update. Michael Galante and myself
are offing our support to all members of our team.

We will give you all our marketing materials and know
how to make sure you have the success you want with
giblink if you want to promote it.

Check out this site and scroll done to the bottom
and see my special offer...

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Social Networking Brings Life to Business

Thanks to the power of the Internet, Social networking, has created ways for people to link with others globally. They are a number of websites or Internet communities online today bringing the world closer together. It is likely that you have heard of or taken part in this craze that the Internet connects us to.

Read rest of this article on Social Networking

Friday, November 16, 2007

Giblink Revenue Shares

Sharing Revenue and helping every one succeed.
That is what gibLink means. They want to create
a world where people are better off, not just
profit for themselves.

Google doesn't share thier wealth.

YouTube, only a few people are Rich.

Microsoft is not giving you anything

Go Daddy lets you buy but no rewards

I could go on and on with the Internet
Giants who are profiting from you and me,
but instead, I'd like to share giblink with
you and have you revenue sharing with the
next Internet Giant. To get more information
and my SPECIAL offer visit R U gibLinked

Thursday, November 15, 2007

gib Solutions Can Save Stress

gib Solutions

With all the stresses in the online business world, wouldn't it be wonderful to have something that will help you realize those goals faster...

Learning The Fundamentals of
gibLine, gibLink, gibSales

Can Change The Way
Your Building Your Business Forever!

Get Educated Today With gibSolutions!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Join The gibSolutions Team

The gibSolutions Team

G - Global
I - Internet
B - Business
S - Solutions
O - Objective
L - Linking
U - Us
T - Together
O - Online for
N - Networking
S - Success

Our teams motto is "We're all pea's in a pod going for mammoth results..."

What can gibSolutions go to do for you???

Our title and motto says it all...

Were are truly a team, closly knit and EveryBody Helping EveryBody...

Go here for more information giblinkgibSolutions

or visit my Squidoo lens gibLink gibLine gibSales

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Total Online Business Solution = gibLink

Faye Brown

gibLine gibLink gibSales contains all the elements for a complete online business solution.

giblink the online business solution is developing the greatest community of
business entrepreneurs that has ever been put simultaneously together since the start of the Internet and here's your opportunity to join. contains all the elements for a complete online business solution.

giblink will significantly increase the size of your online business contacts by unleashing the power of social networking and adding a business component. The best is taken from cooperation and competition and simmered together to get a brand new fresh perspective. You'll expand your business connections, develop relationships and learn a thing or two about business marketing.This contains all the elements for a complete online business solution.

Straight line Global Revenue Sharing is the first of its kind and it gives absolutely everyone active to revenue share in this innovative pay plan that will make money for you.

Join the gibLink online business solution and enjoy the social and business network that gives you full connection to some of the top Business Entrepreneurs on the Internet.

Business Entrepreneurs Connecting

Does Your Business Need Help: Look to gibLink Solutions

The Masses are coming, get in before them!

Global Internet Business Link What I like to refer to as gibLink Solutions.
LOOKING FOR TRUE PASSIVE INCOME OR BIG MONEY . . . This business opportunity is for you.

The bottom line is gibLink program and payplan has literally never been done before and has solved every issue that a straight line has. It works for absolutely everyone.The bottom line is: Nobody Will Be Left Behind on this one. Absolutely no-one. it is a very complex plan and takes a while to learn.

It is a straight line system so that everybody helps everybody, no matter who sponsored them in. Every time 5 people come in, anywhere in the world to the one structure, the person at the top cycles and then re-enters at the bottom. We basically all take our turn getting paid but are also automatically re-entered into the next highest level each time too. It doubles every cycle. Starting at $50, then $100, then 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400 etc.

A Total Dream Program

Mathematically, they have resolved every possible issue that would cause gibLink to slow down or phase out. This could be the greatest pay structure ever developed...seriously. Even the big guns are jumping on the giblink bandwagon.

The buy in or cost to join is either $50 or $150 every 3 months (to keep it going) and the $150 (highly recommended) is a 3 pack where all your spots are instantly qualified. It doubles each level and is phenomenal.

The Right Place At The Right Time...' Giblink's homebased business opportunity is just Beginning and you might never be offered again something so Huge that Could Change Your Life Forever.
Don't act upon it... you will sure wish you had.

You Are Now Being Offered a Once-in-a-Lifetime Business Opportunity... With gibLink Solutions Please do Not let this Pass you By. I know you get told this all the time, but seriously, Grab the gibLink, you will not be sorry. I know that you have not seen anything quite like this and you have the opportunity to build a virtual empire risk free!
Homebased Business Opportunity.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Day in My Lfe with Giblink GibLine Gibsales

Faye Brown

Here is what I used gibLink gibLine gibSales for today. I spent about a hour of my day here.

I went into the back office and checked my stats of website hits for the day. I had pretty good number of hits today and coming from all free advertising and article marketing. It's great to be on the first page of google with articles you have written and that brings in traffic and did not cost a cent.

I had to go see if I had any more money owing to me today, because Wednesdays are payday. There was more money transferred to my global money card today. I have now been paid 3 weeks in a row, from different steams in Gibline. I went to global money card to be sure the money was transferred and it was. Great to see money put in there and it does not even feel like I'm earning it.

I went into giblink, the social and business networking part and sent 20 people emails to ask them to network with me. I got 2 replys while I was there and was added to their contact list and them to mine.

I chatted with one lady overseas through the live messenger service and found out we have a lot in common. I'm sure we will connect many times in the years to come. This is business networking the way I want to do it, no rejection. I did not get, please(sometime please is used) get me off your list. People want to connect with you. Very Nice Change...

I set up a classified add and read a few others, visited a few of their websites and again sent a few letters to ask them to be a part of my network. I looked through a few peoples blogs. They were great, and gained a valuable marking tip. I went to the video section and found a few I wanted to watch but my Internet has been so crappy lately that I only got in 5 second blurbs.(If you have a good Internet provider, cherish it, I sure would).

I went to gibSales and looked around a bit to see all the different plans and services they had to offer. I purchased 2 domain names and a web hosting package. Guess what, every one who is an active advertiser will revenue share in my purchase. I know your saying big deal I get to share a 50 dollar purchase with 1000's of members. Yes That is true, but you also get to revenue share with all of their purchases as well. So when all the Tom's, Michael's and Mary's in the program make a purchase, cha-ching! your share just got bigger.

I am going to create a capture page for this awesome homebased business opportunity so I can share it with the world, and put some of my personality in it. This is still a work in process and I'll post it when it's complete. I am going to use the other one to forward an affiliate website to. I hate promoting others when I can promote myself.

Well that was a small potion of my day that spent in gibLink gibLine gibSales. It was a great time and I will go back tomorrow.

Get Giblinked

Monday, November 5, 2007

gibLink gibLine gibSales Hits The Bullseye.

Faye Brown

From my prior posts a talked about gibLine, gibLine, gibSales and what this revenue sharing, social and business network and full commercial marketplace is all about. I hope you get it, because if you do, you will sign up and benefit from gibLink gibLine gibSales if you have not already.

A Homebased business like the opportunity you have with gibLink do not come around very often, more like once in a lifetime and if your lucky a few times.

The creator's of the Business will be adding more and more to the program all the time.

I was on a call Last night listening to the owners and what is happening now and what will be happening in the future. They have hit the bullseye with this one. The giblink vision is amazing and very doable in today's world. But that's getting ahead of where your at and to much to comprehend if your not involved in gibLink. Needless to say I came off the call with a smile on my face and am truly glad I got gibLinked.

Are you GibLinked

More About the gibLine

Faye Brown

So to go a little further on the prior post about gibLine,
and how it works. I forgot this part and I think it's very

Every 90 Days, everyone ahead of you falls behind you.
When the automatic renewals start on Dec 10, you will sprout wings and start to fly up the gibLines. Every active pod above you will become an active pod under
you in the
90 Day period.

Imagine how it will feel to be at the top with a now over
75,000 +++ (number Oct 31,2007) pods under you.

The more members or active advertiser as we are called
the better for everyone. Remember the matching bonus
on all personal referrals...

Everyone helping everyone, gibLink really makes this
big world a little smaller.

GibLink Makes Sense so Go 4 Giblink

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The gibLine of Giblink

Have you ever seen a pay plan structured this way.

Mathematically Unique.

N0 One Left Behind

Every person starts in the very bottom of the first gibLine.

As New members come in they are positioned under you.

You climb until you hit the top and cycle into the bottom of gibLine 2.
And Automaticly reentered into gibline one .(This is where it starts to get exciting)

Now you have 3 pods in gibLine 1 and 3 pods in gibline 2 as a pro member.

Same for gibline 2, start at the bottom, move up and cycle. From line 2 on
up you have to cycle twice through each gibLine. Each pod works the same
way and every line doubles in value.

Pod Values- Numbers start with gibLine 1 and go up.

50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400 and so on.

It's all about compounding. Both money and positions get compounded.

One more thing, Every person is time stamped when they come in.
Your renewal happens 90 days after joining. Everyone on renewal
date automatically starts back at the bottom of Line 1.

This can never die because there are always going to be members
coming in, and December 10 starts the new time cycle. That will be
an exciting time as everyone is pushed on through the giblines.

Are you Giblinked Yet! Go 4 Giblink

GibLinks Opportunity Calls

Faye Brown

Here are 3 recorded opportunity calls
that you can listen to.

gibLink Opportunity Overview
gibLink Opportunity Overview Call
gibLink Opportunity Overview Call

gibLinks Revenue Sharing Call

You will learn about the homebased business opportunity that gibLink offers as well as the amazing straigtline revenue sharing called gibline.

Get Giblinked

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Buzz About Business Networking Sites?

Home business owners, are catching the wave of the social marketing epidemic. Now Business networking websites are the new rage.

They let you meet, greet and associate with a large group of like minded people that you would not otherwise have the opportunity to communicate with. They are people of like mind who share the common interest some type of business. They are, for the most part, easy to understand and use. Most sites are simple to navigate if you have any computer experience at all in fact, many require little Internet knowledge and you will probably gain a lot of skills. In addition to being simple to navigate, these networking sites are great for connecting with business owner worldwide and sharing marketing ideas for small businesses as well as displaying your business.

Imagine a site that has social networking, business networking, a sales store for selling or purchase business marketing tools, that lets you have revenue shares from from the total company sales. The most unique payment structure ever devised. Automatic passive Income to pro members with no recruiting required unless you want to.

Faye Brown highly recomends gibLink

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Giblink Ranks in Alexa

Faye Brown

Just went and checked at Alexa to look at the traffic stats for Giblink and I was very happy with what I saw. The rank for Giblink was under 25,000 already in less than seven weeks. That is fabulous results which speak in results not words. I was not to surprised by the rating because I knew it was going good.

I was trying to put the graph on here but I am Widget challenged. hehe So instead click the link below.

gibLink Rating On Alexa

This shows you that Giblink is getting lots of exposure and the size of Giblink shows the results.

With these results and with the national exposer Giblink will soon be getting who knows how fast it will grow. This is a worldwide business that can help every living person, so we have a long way to go.

This is my top business pick as an entrepreneur for this month and for the whole year.
Go 4 Giblink

I have more information on my Giblink Squidoo Lens.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Membership Grows With GibLink Fundraiser

Faye Brown

Fundraise with Giblink!! Remember No one Left behind.

What a great idea to help out the cause that you support using gibLink. There is a member who is doing a Giblink fundraiser to help her charity and has got Nascar as the fundraisers sponsor.
Read This full Article

Friday, October 26, 2007

Why Choose Gibsales For Your Domain Names

Faye Brown

GibSales has so much to offer but to be able to make money on the purchase of Domain Names is exciting. No more making some other company money, sorry Big Daddy. Now you can generate income, on any domain name that is purchased within this global community if you are a member.

Companies that are making millions of dollars from domain names, and with GibLink you get your own GibSales website where you can have customers purchase their domain names from you, or just buy your future domain names from yourself. There are more business tools are also available, and more coming in the future for you to sell or buy with Gibsales.

A domain name is simply a web address or url created by you. It is the name you choose, with a .com, .net,.info (etc) at the end. Once you purchase a name and it is registered, you own it and no one else can have that name.

This is an enormous business on the Internet. Every person marketing a business needs a domain name. You do not have to build a website you can simply have your business website redirected to your domain url and start branding yourself.

What's the future of people using the Internet to market their business. It's not going away. Think of all the new companies on the Internet and all the affiliate marketers selling those products and services. The need will only get larger.

When you join Giblink you are automatically entered in the payline of Gibline and you automatically revenue share in all the sales the GibSales makes. It's everybody helping everyone.

Domain names are one of the business tools that are offered in the GibSales portion of GibLink. There are numerous other business tools, that you can sell or purchase for your business and you will earn money on all the purchases in the whole company. This is a business within a business and there are many more advantages to being a member of Giblink and more ways to revenue share with this company...

This is your invitation to join Giblink, you cannot join without one.
Go 4 Giblink

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Revenue Sharing in Gibline

I listened to a training call that was explaining the
revenue sharing in Gibline. I still can't tell you I
know exactly how it works because there is a lot
of math formulas involved.

I will have to listen to it many more times, but
we really turn out to be all one big marketing
family. What I do helps you, and what you do
helps me, and what the big guns do Help Us.
The nice part is you do not have to do anything
if you do not want to.

One exciting factor is that every 3 months you
have to renew your membership every 3 months,
and for once that is a good thing.

The company started September 10th and today
there is over 70,000 + pods. I do not know how many
pods there will be by Dec 10,2007 when everyone
has to start renewing their memberships, by the
time stamp when you joined.

Remember everyone comes in at the bottom
and as we renew memberships we again come
into the bottom and pushes everyone else up.

Do you get the picture. So every pod that is active
in Giblink when you join will be put under you as
they renew.

Do you see how No one will be left behind.

Go 4 Giblink

Giblink - The World Just Got A Little Smaller

Giblink started pre-launch on Sept 10, 2007 and official launch date was October 15, 2007. Since pre-launch over 25,000 member have joined.

Access Number: 605-772-3500Pin Code: 474828203#

Tuesday's call is on "Revenue Sharing Plan" and is explained in detail
10:00 PM PST (Eastern Standard Time)
7:00 PM EST (Pacific Standard Time)

Monday & Thursday gibLink call is a "Opportunity Overview" presentation
10:00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time)
7:00 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Expand Your Business Connections: Bring the world closer together.

Start networking with the greatest minds of business entrepreneurs or share your knowledge with this the members. By developing relationships with other networkers new doors open up to you.

Giblink will significantly increase the size of your online business network by harnessing the power of social networking. The best is taken from cooperation and competition and melded together in a brand new IT business, that offers significant rewards for just being an active member.

Straightline Global Revenue Sharing is the first of its kind and it gives everyone the opportunity to share in this innovative pay plan.

Are You Giblinked

You Are Now Being Offered a Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity...

Visit my Squidoo lens:

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Here's The Biggy in GibLink, Its Called GibLine

Now the Biggy... For all active advertisers in Giblink. An active advertiser is a pro paid member or a standard member who has recruited 2 people.

GibLine: It's totally a Revenue Sharing Program that enabling everyone to succeed.

Many factors go into calculating the whopping 50% revenue share of the company profits that are paid to you instantly to all active advertisers. Gibline uses a four tier system for making money.

Tier 1

There are many factors in calculating the amount
of shared revenue each week (a whopping 50%
of the company's' profits !), and there are Four
Tiers for earnings.

Tier 1: General Revenue Sharing - A portion of all gibLink's revenue will go into this General Revenue Sharing category and will be evenly be distributed among all advertisers who are paid members and were active when revenue was generated.
Pay run on Revenue Share will be disburse Monthly.

Tier 2: Direct Sales Revenue Sharing - gibLink direct sales commission will be up to 10% to pro members for the direct sales of website tools or services or any advertising packages you sell. This is a percentage of the total amount sold.

Tier 3: gibLine Multiple Revenue Sharing Lines- is a bonus or incentive part of the program. gibLink has developed a very complex formula to compensate advertisers who continue to use gibLink network to advertise and for long term usage of the community. This loyalty revenue increases in value so you will make more money.

Tier 4: Executive Revenue Sharing

This is the exclusive form of revenue sharing where an active advertiser who reach a high-level of revenue sharing within the 3 Categories, and begin to receive a portion of the total revenue generated by the gibLink Network.

Click on the link to get in the Active Advertising Advantage

Giblink Global Revenue Sharing Program

6 weeks online and has 25,000 members
For more information visit me Squidoo lens:

Monday, October 22, 2007

Another Part of gibLink is gibSales

What is gibSales and what is included.

Now you will own your very own store where you can sell or purchase things and make a profit. Up to 10% commissions will be paid on on your sales. You can now get paid to buy or sell the following business tools or services. If your in business I bet you have purchased a few of these services in the last year.

*Domain Names Registration
*Web Hosting Services
*Full e-Commerce Solutions
*Mail Hosting Accounts
*Web Hosting Services
*Live Chat
*Domain/Mail Forwarding
*Digital Certificates
*Manages DNS
*Dedicated Servers
*Private Whois
and much more.

These are business tools that everyone doing Internet marketing needs. Last Year alone more domain names were purchased than in all the prior years combined. Why keep making Big Daddy rich, do they share their revenue with you. Just imagine the possibilities, they are endless.
Giblink is the most amazing concept with Incredible results, developing the greatest community of business entrepreneurs that have ever been in one program in the history of the Internet, and that helps you tremendously. Go Get Giblinked

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Welcome to my gibLink Blog

My name is Faye Brown and I am extremely excited
about gibLink all the this new global community is offering.
It is great for the general public and especially beneficial
to anyone marketing a business, whether it is on or off line.

To anyone looking at passive income or big money gibLink is
the business to join.

I will do my best to keep this blog updated with all the gibLink
news and information about special event, such as call or
changes as they happen.

Get Giblinked