Friday, October 26, 2007

Why Choose Gibsales For Your Domain Names

Faye Brown

GibSales has so much to offer but to be able to make money on the purchase of Domain Names is exciting. No more making some other company money, sorry Big Daddy. Now you can generate income, on any domain name that is purchased within this global community if you are a member.

Companies that are making millions of dollars from domain names, and with GibLink you get your own GibSales website where you can have customers purchase their domain names from you, or just buy your future domain names from yourself. There are more business tools are also available, and more coming in the future for you to sell or buy with Gibsales.

A domain name is simply a web address or url created by you. It is the name you choose, with a .com, .net,.info (etc) at the end. Once you purchase a name and it is registered, you own it and no one else can have that name.

This is an enormous business on the Internet. Every person marketing a business needs a domain name. You do not have to build a website you can simply have your business website redirected to your domain url and start branding yourself.

What's the future of people using the Internet to market their business. It's not going away. Think of all the new companies on the Internet and all the affiliate marketers selling those products and services. The need will only get larger.

When you join Giblink you are automatically entered in the payline of Gibline and you automatically revenue share in all the sales the GibSales makes. It's everybody helping everyone.

Domain names are one of the business tools that are offered in the GibSales portion of GibLink. There are numerous other business tools, that you can sell or purchase for your business and you will earn money on all the purchases in the whole company. This is a business within a business and there are many more advantages to being a member of Giblink and more ways to revenue share with this company...

This is your invitation to join Giblink, you cannot join without one.
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