Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Revenue Sharing in Gibline

I listened to a training call that was explaining the
revenue sharing in Gibline. I still can't tell you I
know exactly how it works because there is a lot
of math formulas involved.

I will have to listen to it many more times, but
we really turn out to be all one big marketing
family. What I do helps you, and what you do
helps me, and what the big guns do Help Us.
The nice part is you do not have to do anything
if you do not want to.

One exciting factor is that every 3 months you
have to renew your membership every 3 months,
and for once that is a good thing.

The company started September 10th and today
there is over 70,000 + pods. I do not know how many
pods there will be by Dec 10,2007 when everyone
has to start renewing their memberships, by the
time stamp when you joined.

Remember everyone comes in at the bottom
and as we renew memberships we again come
into the bottom and pushes everyone else up.

Do you get the picture. So every pod that is active
in Giblink when you join will be put under you as
they renew.

Do you see how No one will be left behind.

Go 4 Giblink

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