Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Buzz About Business Networking Sites?

Home business owners, are catching the wave of the social marketing epidemic. Now Business networking websites are the new rage.

They let you meet, greet and associate with a large group of like minded people that you would not otherwise have the opportunity to communicate with. They are people of like mind who share the common interest some type of business. They are, for the most part, easy to understand and use. Most sites are simple to navigate if you have any computer experience at all in fact, many require little Internet knowledge and you will probably gain a lot of skills. In addition to being simple to navigate, these networking sites are great for connecting with business owner worldwide and sharing marketing ideas for small businesses as well as displaying your business.

Imagine a site that has social networking, business networking, a sales store for selling or purchase business marketing tools, that lets you have revenue shares from from the total company sales. The most unique payment structure ever devised. Automatic passive Income to pro members with no recruiting required unless you want to.

Faye Brown highly recomends gibLink

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