Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Here's The Biggy in GibLink, Its Called GibLine

Now the Biggy... For all active advertisers in Giblink. An active advertiser is a pro paid member or a standard member who has recruited 2 people.

GibLine: It's totally a Revenue Sharing Program that enabling everyone to succeed.

Many factors go into calculating the whopping 50% revenue share of the company profits that are paid to you instantly to all active advertisers. Gibline uses a four tier system for making money.

Tier 1

There are many factors in calculating the amount
of shared revenue each week (a whopping 50%
of the company's' profits !), and there are Four
Tiers for earnings.

Tier 1: General Revenue Sharing - A portion of all gibLink's revenue will go into this General Revenue Sharing category and will be evenly be distributed among all advertisers who are paid members and were active when revenue was generated.
Pay run on Revenue Share will be disburse Monthly.

Tier 2: Direct Sales Revenue Sharing - gibLink direct sales commission will be up to 10% to pro members for the direct sales of website tools or services or any advertising packages you sell. This is a percentage of the total amount sold.

Tier 3: gibLine Multiple Revenue Sharing Lines- is a bonus or incentive part of the program. gibLink has developed a very complex formula to compensate advertisers who continue to use gibLink network to advertise and for long term usage of the community. This loyalty revenue increases in value so you will make more money.

Tier 4: Executive Revenue Sharing

This is the exclusive form of revenue sharing where an active advertiser who reach a high-level of revenue sharing within the 3 Categories, and begin to receive a portion of the total revenue generated by the gibLink Network.

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Giblink Global Revenue Sharing Program

6 weeks online and has 25,000 members
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