Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Day in My Lfe with Giblink GibLine Gibsales

Faye Brown

Here is what I used gibLink gibLine gibSales for today. I spent about a hour of my day here.

I went into the back office and checked my stats of website hits for the day. I had pretty good number of hits today and coming from all free advertising and article marketing. It's great to be on the first page of google with articles you have written and that brings in traffic and did not cost a cent.

I had to go see if I had any more money owing to me today, because Wednesdays are payday. There was more money transferred to my global money card today. I have now been paid 3 weeks in a row, from different steams in Gibline. I went to global money card to be sure the money was transferred and it was. Great to see money put in there and it does not even feel like I'm earning it.

I went into giblink, the social and business networking part and sent 20 people emails to ask them to network with me. I got 2 replys while I was there and was added to their contact list and them to mine.

I chatted with one lady overseas through the live messenger service and found out we have a lot in common. I'm sure we will connect many times in the years to come. This is business networking the way I want to do it, no rejection. I did not get, please(sometime please is used) get me off your list. People want to connect with you. Very Nice Change...

I set up a classified add and read a few others, visited a few of their websites and again sent a few letters to ask them to be a part of my network. I looked through a few peoples blogs. They were great, and gained a valuable marking tip. I went to the video section and found a few I wanted to watch but my Internet has been so crappy lately that I only got in 5 second blurbs.(If you have a good Internet provider, cherish it, I sure would).

I went to gibSales and looked around a bit to see all the different plans and services they had to offer. I purchased 2 domain names and a web hosting package. Guess what, every one who is an active advertiser will revenue share in my purchase. I know your saying big deal I get to share a 50 dollar purchase with 1000's of members. Yes That is true, but you also get to revenue share with all of their purchases as well. So when all the Tom's, Michael's and Mary's in the program make a purchase, cha-ching! your share just got bigger.

I am going to create a capture page for this awesome homebased business opportunity so I can share it with the world, and put some of my personality in it. This is still a work in process and I'll post it when it's complete. I am going to use the other one to forward an affiliate website to. I hate promoting others when I can promote myself.

Well that was a small potion of my day that spent in gibLink gibLine gibSales. It was a great time and I will go back tomorrow.

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